What's up Doc?

2016 Date announced:

Saturday, October 29th!

See the 2015 Beer Menu here.

Pre-purchase merch credit! $5 gets you $10!

Don't forget to get your VIP tent!

​​OBF ft. CRAFT BEER for your drinking pleasure! CRAFTS & DRAFTS at the Beer Tent - rhyming words, hooray. 

Cool Quotes:

“There are more old drunks than there are old doctors.”
― Willie Nelson

"You can't be a real country unless you have a beer and an airline - it helps if you have some kind of football team, or some nuclear weapons, but in the very least you need a beer.”

​-Frank Zappa

Upgrades with Registration

Customize Your Shirt

  • $10 gets your name on the back of your shirt; get as silly and amazing as you want with this one but we're more restrictive than Twitter, 15 letters max to express yo'self. (all caps)
  • ​Deadline of 10/16

VIP Tent 

  • $100 - Claim your own spot on the Beerfest grounds! Reserving a VIP Tent gets your group a dedicated 10'x10' tent with a table and a sign bearing your awesome group name. No more hunting for a place to rest your beer and your weary legs, you're VIP baby! (Group sizes can be up to 10 per tent.)​

OBF Merch

  • ​Get a discount on merch by pre-purchasing a credit. Previous awesomeness includes glasses, bottle openers, bottle cap mirror necklaces & earrings, sunglass bottlecap rearview mirrors, bags, towels, posters, hats, stickers, buttons, and more!
  • 5K or Lawn Games Tourney

  • $35 until 9/22; $40 until 10/6; $45 until 10/20; $50 until 10/27;
  • Penalty Box: $55 on 10/28; $60 on 10/29
  • Entry into either the 5K or Lawn Games Tourney (LGT available until full!)
  • Access to Picnic Party with Music, Lawn Games, BBQ, and Crafts & Drafts!
  • Awesome October Beerfest "Here's To Me!" souvenir shirt and bib #

5K & Lawn Games Tourney Combo 

  • Combo tickets are just $10 more than the above rates
  • Same as above with entry into BOTH the 5K & Lawn Games Tourney

Picnic Party Pass 

  • ​Not interested in the 5K or Tourney? Picnic Party Passes are $10 less than the above rates, shirt and bib not included.
  • ​Access to Picnic Party with Music, Lawn Games, BBQ, and Crafts & Drafts!
  • Contact tears@practicehard.com, online sign-up not available.


  • ​Special rates for our kidfesters who are not partaking in the 5K or Tourney. Shirt and bib are not included.
  • 4 & under - free
  • 5-10 - $10
  • 11-17 - $15
  • 18-20 - $20
  • Contact tears@practicehard.com, online sign-up not available.